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riovolt is a mix of brazilian sounds and flavours like samba, forró and bossa nova with electronica, drum ́n ́bass, break beats, funk and jazz - perfectly suitable for dancing, lounging, clubbing or just sitting on your sofa driftin´ away.

"riovolt is my very personal idea of ́sophisticated music that lifts you up and makes you want to move your body ́. I ́m a ́sun-child ́, and I think this reflects in my music." says norbert küpper aka nobit, the composer, producer and above all the soul of riovolt: "it ́s about authencity, distinctiveness and uniqueness, about deepness of feelings, complexity of thoughts and the simplicity of their expressions - and of course it ́s about groove!" yes, nobit knows what "groove" means: he sucked it away as he grew up playing funk, fusion and soul as a teenager and he immersed deep into it while living in rio de janeiro, brazil.

while riovolt on their first album "digital audio bossa" (which soon became top- seller in japan) were squeezing samba and bossa nova rhythms through the "funk-jazz-electrifyer", a secret combination of analog-psycho-acoustic- codification-devices, this very same machine, constantly undergoing alchemistic modifications, was used to produce the follow up album "sambarama", giving continuity to the deep grooves, edgy melodies and jazzy atmospheres riovolt ́s charm is all about.

riovolt breaks borders with stilisic originality, far beyond any current trends.

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